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Basic Care

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

What Are the Needs of a Dog? - Read this before you get one.

Have a New Puppy? - Now what? All the basics for puppies.

ASPCA Basic Care Information - Meet your dog's basic needs.

Inside or Out? - Making Your Dog Part of the Family.

Raw Meat Diets - Recent research shows veterinarians concerned about this harmful practice.

Life's Abundance Dog Food by Dr. Jane Bicks - All life stages dog food and grain-free too.

Consider Your Pet's Diet - Prevent so many pet diseases - find out what's in your pet food - in most cases, it's not what you think and won't keep a pet healthy

Eliminate Pet Stains and Odors Naturally - Even beneath the carpet. Don't use toxic sprays. Safe for pets and children and it really works!

Pet-Safe Cleaning Products - Chemical cleaning products take their toll on pets.

Boarding and Daycare - The important questions to ask to find a safe place for boarding and daycare for your pets

Getting a Dog

Don't Support Puppy Mills - Puppy mills produce unhealthy pets - don't buy from pet store

Why Not Adopt a Dog? - Search locally

Adopt a Misunderstood Breed - Pit bulls are misunderstood dogs that are friendly and affectionate. In England they are commonly referred to as "Nanny dogs," because of their trustworthy and gentle nature.

Assistance Dogs - Get the information

HIV/AIDS and Pet Ownership - Making sure it's right

Adopt a Greyhound - Rescue one of these gentle dogs

Choosing A Name - Very helpful and creative site with lots of selection
based on color, gender and country of origin.

Health Links

Herbal Heartworm Program and Prevention - It worked for Bandit and others!

Vaccination Controversy and Guidelines - Find the balance in this controversy

Canine Diseases - Site with list and information of dog diseases and conditions

The Merck Veterinary Manual - 12,000 indexed topics/1200 illustrations, search by topic, species, specialty, disease, and keywords

Herbs in Veterinary Medicine - Feel confident in choosing natural medicines. Read research at the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association site.

Herbal Pet Success Stories - Testimonials of pet owners using the natural way.

Seizures - Possible causes and natural options for canine epilepsy

Fleas and Mosquitoes - Get tips and methods to avoid these pesky critters

Mosquito, Flea and Tick Fighter - An all natural and environmentally safe product for you and your pet.

How to Give Herbs to Pets - How to get remedies into your pet

Finding a Holistic Veterinarian - Check this directory for your city and state.

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter - One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in six (6) years

Adverse Drug Reactions - Great site to keep you up-to-date on what's working with drugs and what's not. Be sure to read about heartworm medications.

Safety Links

Pet Theft - This scandalous industry has grown like a cancer

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center - 24/7 telephone help - there may be a fee

Is Your Home Poisoning You and Your Pets? - How toxic is your home?

Pet-Safe Cleaning Products - Chemical cleaning products take their toll on pets

Preparing Yourself and Your Pet For Disasters - Take a quiz to see how ready you are

Behavior Links

"There's no such thing as a difficult dog, only an inexperienced owner." --- Barbara Woodhouse

Behavioral Issues - This website has many behavior articles for dogs. Email and phone consultations are also available. Cheryl has helped many families to keep a dog that was ready to be turned out of the home due to behavior issues.

ASPCA Behavior Information - Virtual pet behavior information for dogs, cats and horses.

The Barking Dog - Very disturbing behavior

Crate Training - Good or bad? Right or wrong?

Dog Training and Temperament Problems

Solve the Digging Problem

Teaching Your Dog to "Settle" - How to calm him down

Behavior: Understanding and Modifying - Lots of behavior topics

Dog Manners and Behavior Training - Making them the perfect family pet

Puppy Training - Gentle methods for raising and training your puppy

Death Is Part of Life

Do Animals Have Eternal Life? - A book based on Bible Scripture. Recommended by Dr. Jack Van Impe.

Rainbow Bridge - Comforting pet loss site

Miscellaneous Links

My Pets Pages - Your pet's home on the Internet. Create your own free pet web site or tribute site using My Pets Pages unique web design system.

Placing an Animal in a New Permanent Home - What to do when you have to find another home for your pet

It's a Pet-Friendly Universe - Pet-friendly hotels, B&Bs, ski resorts, campgrounds, and beaches

Lost or Found - Post an ad at PetFinder- the internet has brought many pets back to owners

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