Healthy Pet Corner's
Information and Links
for Rabbits

Safety Links:

Herbal Safety for Rabbits - What herbs should you avoid?

Is Your Home Poisoning You and Your Pets? - How toxic is your home?

Pet-Safe Cleaning Products - Chemical cleaning products take their toll on pets

Lost or Found - Post an ad at PetFinder - the internet has brought many pets back to owners.

Health Links:

Herbs in Veterinary Medicine - Feel confident in choosing natural medicines.

Herbal Pet Success Stories - Testimonials of pet owners using the natural way.

Basics of Natural Flea Control - The mechanics of a natural approach.

Most Common Herbs Used for Rabbits - Contributed by members of the Herbal Rabbit list.

Finding a Holistic Veterinarian - Check the directory for your city and state.

Harvesting Herbs & Making Herbal Preparations - There's a right time of year to harvest.

Natural Solutions for Rabbit Health Problems - Recommendations from those rabbit owners.

The Merck Veterinary Manual - Search by topic, species, specialty, disease, and keywords.

Death Is Part of Life:

Do Animals Have Eternal Life? - A book based on Bible Scripture. Recommended by Dr. Jack Van Impe.

Rainbow Bridge - Comforting pet loss site.