How to Introduce Your Pet to Natural Foods

Because Flint River Ranchis concentrated for better nutrition, palatability and digestibility, you will actually feed from 20% - 40% less than other foods. Your pet's breath will improve dramatically, you'll have less waste to scoop and, in the case of cats, litter box odors will decrease dramatically (something the whole family will get excited about).

We believe Flint River Ranchis a vastly superior food and that after using it for four to six weeks, you will see a positive difference in your dogs and cats, including sleeker coats, brighter eyes, cleaner breath and increased energy.

Because this food is so different from the majority of pet foods on the market, the company recommends that you introduce it to your pets slowly, especially for cats. Over the course of about 7 to 10 days, add a little Flint River Ranch to your pet's regular food, each day increasing the amount of Flint River Ranchand decreasing the amount of the other food until you've switched the food completely.

Because Flint River Ranch foods are all natural and formulated to help the animal's body heal itself, it starts a cleansing process. Bioavailable vitamins, chelated minerals and nutrients are first digested in the stomach - then absorbed into the blood through the intestinal walls. For this reason, Flint River Ranch encourages that any diet change to an all-natural food be made over a period of time to allow the cleansing process to take place slowly. This is very important, as any abrupt diet change will upset a cat's stomach and often cause diarrhea. A gradual change is an ideal way to introduce your cat to Flint River Ranch and achieve optimal results.