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Healthy Pet Corner is your source for healthy pet foods, treats, and supplements. Our animals hold a special place in our lives. Proper care and feeding of them will keep them with us longer. When you feed a whole food pet formula, you avoid many vet visits and basic things like skin problems and even fleas.  Toxic food attracts parasitic type insects.

Each year there are hundreds of recalls.  Be an educated pet owner.  Choose a brand that has never had a recall.  The brand we sell has never had a recall.

Life’s Abundance Health Food for Pets uses small, carefully chosen human-grade suppliers so they know where their ingredients are coming from.  Life’s Abundance has moist and dry foods for dogs and cats, treats, supplements and pet care products such as shampoo, soothing skin spray and ear care.  Compare your food with Life’s Abundance now and watch a video or read more about it.

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