Heartworm Success Stories

Read comments from a few pet owners:

Heartworms and Seizures Gone – “About 6 months ago I e-mailed you about Fancy. She had heartworms and other health problems. I started Fancy on Bandit’s treatment right then. I just came from the vet and I am happy to report that Fancy is heartworm free. The vet was very happy that she was heartworm free and that she no longer needs her seizures medication. Thanks for all your help, Robin.” Angel

All Three Dogs Now Test Heartworm Free! – “Thank you for your help with my babies. They have all tested clear now and we are a happy family. Sugar, age 6, had a mild case and was on the treatment for 4 months. Pebbles, age 13, was the worst one and was on her death bed so the treatment saved her life after a 14 month program. Jessie, age 5, had a mild case and she was over her heartworms in 4 months. Last but not least, Sasha, also had a mild case and was treated for 4 months and she is clear as well.” Starla Partin

Our Down Syndrome Son Now Has a Healthy Dog – ” I just wanted to give you an update on Tikka. We have been on the natural heartworm program almost two months now, and the sick dog I adopted from the pound is all but a memory. From the time I got her until two weeks ago all Tikka did was sleep. She would not play and if you did manage to get her to play fetch she would chase the ball two or three times and then cough and go back to her spot on the couch. She only ate ground canned dog food with absolutely no chunks of any kind. We would walk my daughter to school, which is less than a mile, and she would be so tired that I would have to call my husband to pick us up. Not any more! I literally have to restrain her at times to keep her from running. She rolls and plays with our other dog, and loves to walk to school and back. Her tail no longer hangs down, but instead, it curls over her back. Her fur is absolutely gorgeous, so thick and it shines. We are going to continue the herbal heartworm program for at least two more months before having her retested, but I can not thank you enough for helping us save our beloved companion. My son, James, has Down Syndrome and Tikka is his best friend. Our other dog is still a puppy and a little rough, but Tikka is content to let James lay all over her. I can not imagine our lives without her. God Bless Robin for the time and work she does with heartworm dogs. ” Pamala F.

Smily Is Smiling – “Thank you for putting yourself out there and offering the program to all us dog owners. Both of our vets rolled their eyes at the mention of an herbal treatment and both also didn’t assess the risks of the conventional treatment. It’s only been a month and a half and Smily is doing much better since he has been taking the herbs, he has more energy, nicer coat and has even lost some weight. Thanks to Robin for working with us.” Matt & Jordana

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